Dare To Improve

Building a Clever Home (awesomated by popcornjs)

Because smarthome.* was already registered . . . read more

Bringing Video Games to Life . . . Robotic Life

When my son was three, his grandparents gave him a Lego cargo plane. It took us about two hours to put it together. I'd hand him the piece, show him the instructions, and point to the place where the brick should go. I didn't want to put any pressure on him to finish the plane, so I would have been happy to quit whenever he wanted. But, he didn't quit. That was the first time I saw in him the same obsessive-compulsive drive that pushes me to keep working on all my random projects. . . . read more

Next Challenge, a Positronic Brain

Meet Eight of Nine (EON). She takes high-definition 3D video and runs the Voyage operating system (for the record, I wanted to use the DS9 OS, but I couldn't find any Linux distros with that name). The project began when I read a Linux Journal article about Cambridge and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's autonomous submarine competition. For the sake of brevity, I'll refer to Cambridge and DARPA as "The Collective." . . . read more

Can You Still Do Road Trips When You're A Parent?

I try to anticipate my children's needs and plan ahead. Meals are easy because there's a routine to them. Going on road trips with kids who aren't used to traveling is more challenging, and requires a few tricks from my super-parent handbook. . . . read more

Is It Worth It? Buying Bulk at Walmart

A couple weeks ago we ran out of laundry detergent, so I made an emergency trip to Walmart -- the emergency was caused by a poopy diaper that exploded all over my kid's clothes . . . read more